Case Study: Mold Removal In a Church

Mold in any building can be a bad omen, but in this church it was a sign that there was an issue with the roofing ventilation system. Seen in this first image, the mold was found at the apex of the ceiling, on the drywall around the ceiling beams. Further inspection by Paul Davis Restoration of The Tri-State Area – Cincinnati NKY was when the ventilation issue was discovered. Up until that time, the roof had been re-done with a metal roof, which was assumed to take care of the problem. The ceiling was repainted, but he mold returned.

mold removal required along ceiling beams of a church

To determine the full extent of the issue, Paul Davis Restoration removed a section of the roof to get a closer look. It became clear that the damage to materials was extensive, and would require replacing portions of wood, fiberglass insulation, as well as drywall.

stripping a church roof to allow mold removal services mold removal services begin with discovery mold removal is often required in more places than expected

Wherever mold grew, Paul Davis Restoration began the process of removing and replacing everything.
mold removal operation

The end result: complete and thorough mold removal, and a place of worship more beautiful than ever!
church interior after mold removal

This last photo shows the new solar-powered ventilation system that will help prevent any moisture build-up beneath the metal roofing, eliminating the future threat of mold damage to the structure.
church exterior after mold removal

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