Paul Davis Pop Up For Fire Prevention

Protection! Education! Appreciation! … and MORE! Bridging the community for connection & awareness! Paul Davis will set up a pop up event outside your fire department or insurance agency! Hotdogs, chips, soda & fire prevention materials to be distributed! October 1 – October 31 Schedule Your POP UP today! Contact… Read more »

We’ve Got Sole!

NOW RECRUITING The Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Paul Davis weekly walking group! Monday’s & Wednesday’s! 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM Too inspired to be tired! Walk coffee & caffeination sponsored by Paul Davis Restoration! This group is open to all! This event will move around as participation grows and best… Read more »

2021 Paul Davis Restoration PB&J Food Drive

Spread The Love May 15, 2021 – June 30, 2021 It’s summer and without school lunches many will face hunger. Help out by collecting PB&J jars in your office or delivering jars to ours. Thank you for “spreading the love” from Ohio to Indiana to Kentucky & back. Benefits: Action… Read more »

The Paul Davis Coloring Contest Is Back!

Stay Safe in 2021! The Grand Prize winner will win $150 Amazon gift card sponsored by Rollins Insurance! We will also award $50 gift card prizes for the winner in each of the following age groups: 6 & under, 7-11, 12-18, 18 & up, 65 & older! Entering is easy!… Read more »

The Doll

Our warehouse manager Angie has family friends that had a fire earlier in the year. They were under the impression that they had to use the restoration contractor their insurance suggested and did not realize they had options and could decide to go with another company. After several weeks Angie… Read more »

Better Ways to Store Flammables at Home

We all have flammables in our home, but do you know how to properly store them when they’re not in use? Many people do not. When stored improperly, flammables can have devastating consequences including poisoning, fires, and explosions. So if you keep gasoline, propane or other flammables in or around… Read more »

How Smoke Permeates a Home

There’s no question that fires are deadly. In 2016, over 1.3 million fires took place in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fires caused 3,390 civilian deaths, 14,650 civilian injuries, and $10.6 billion in property damage. We all fear fire’s flames, but smoke from… Read more »

Take These Actions if You Suspect a Gas Leak

You might not realize how much you depend on natural gas. From our hot water heaters to gas stovetops, natural gas is everywhere. And as gas lines tend to be buried below the surface of the ground, it’s easy to forget they’re there. That is until you smell the tell-tale… Read more »

Protection Against Indoor Flooding

Flooding of a home or business property is a calamity that no one wants to experience. Even in the U.S. where flood prediction and mitigation is quite advanced, flood damage occurs all too often, amounting to over $6 billion worth of damage and contributing to the deaths of about 140… Read more »